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Sitting together in the company of your dear ones is a small pleasure.

 Sitting together in the company of your dear ones and learning about the Creator is a true blessing.



Please join us on Friday evening’s at 6 pm as young people come together to embrace and celebrate the teachings of Sikhe.

We will be speaking in English for all English-speaking adults (16-35) who are interested in learning about this beautiful universal humanistic faith.

This evening is especially dedicated to young people, who are the future and within whom lies the power to change the world.

We promise a special experience for the BODY, through a relaxed atmosphere, for the MIND, through teaching and interpretation, and for the SOUL, through beautiful music of the teachers all in the enjoyable company of other young Sikhs.

Please join us at 6:00 pm each Friday, through the year at 2090, Mackay Street, Montreal. (Located opposite Concordia University, Downtown Montreal, Nearest Metro Station is Guy Concordia).

For more information, you may contact us at or join the e-group by sending a blank email to  

 Wishing you peace, prosperity and rising spirits!!!

 Volunteers, Montreal Sikh Youth Program

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