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Press Release September 12, 2001 For Immediate Release Sikh Americans Objects of Mistaken Assaults in Wake of Terrorist Attacks

Washington – Sikh Council on Religion and Education and various Sikh organizations are concerned that Sikhs in various regions of the country have already been attacked by ignorant or misguided individuals in the aftermath of the heinous terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Two young Sikhs were attacked with paintball guns and one elderly Sikh with a baseball bat in the New York area. Yet another was attacked in Los Angeles while jogging. These confirmed attacks were the result of mistaken assumptions that Sikhs were either Arabs or from the Middle East. It is important that the media correct these false impressions, lest all who appear different or who wear turbans and beards, be subject to assault. In the past, especially during the Iran hostage crisis, Sikhs have become the target of such harassment and violence. We Sikhs pray for all affected families, emergency service personnel, Government officials and also for President Bush in this time of deep crisis. We deplore the dastardly attacks perpetrated against the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon, the American people and the entire nation. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the victims. We ask all Americans to exercise the tolerance and understanding for which they are justifiably adored around the world. We express our full support for all efforts to bring the perpetrators of this awful onslaught to justice. Sikh Council on Religion and Education (SCORE), based in Washington, focuses on the issues affecting the Sikh community. 

For More Information: 

  1. Dr. Rajwant Singh (301) 294 – 7886,
    President, Sikh Council on Religion and Education 
  2. Mohan Singh Sandhu (646) 533 – 4869 
    Baba Makan Shah Gurdawara, New York 
  3. Raghbir Singh (718) 701 – 4259
    President, Baba Makan Shah Gurdawara, New York 
  4. Pala Singh (718) 736 – 0381
    President, Sach Da Marg, 
    New York 
  5. Ranjit Singh (703) 354 – 0714 
    President, Guru Gobind Singh Foundation,
    Washington, D.C. 
  6. Ujagar Singh Bawa (301) 983 – 6268 
    President, Washington Sikh Center, 
    Washington, D.C. 
  7. Paramjit Singh Bedi (703) 451 – 0310
    Secretary, Sikh Foundation of Virginia 
  8. Baljinder Singh (410) 925 – 6492 
    Secretary, Sikh Association of Baltimore 
  9. Bakshish Singh (301) 762 – 2690 
    President, Guru Nanak Foundation of America, 
    Washington, D.C.
  10. Datar Singh (703) 354 – 7538 
    President, Singh Sabha Gurdwara, 
    Fairfax, Virginia


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