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Dosandha Singh

About the artist:  Dosandha Singh Padam, a beacon of cultural tolerance
Contribution:  Punjabi Art
Collection: Private
Narrator: Harinder Singh

Dosandha Singh recorded the events of the time.  He painted influential men and women of the day.  They are moments of culture captured in the brush strokes of the beholder.  His art reflects his appreciation of diversity and different cultures as depicted in his paintings of couples from various Indian states.  His love of color and attention to fine detail is fully realized in the full size paintings.  At the approximate age of 55 painted his prized collection around 1841, a couple years after the death of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh (1780-1839).  His work is about 163 years old.

Dosanda Singh and his brother Bamba Singh are both remembered for their impressivly tall habitus.  Gali (Street) Dosandha Singh (between Chownk Karori and Chownk Manna Singh) is still named after him.  He was the landlord of the Chattiwind village in Punjab, which was later sanctioned off by the government in 1900's.  He was in the transportation business and used to travel frequently to Kabul to purchase horses and bulls.  His hobbies also included carving, engraving, sketching.  This is an art he subsequently passed on to his children and grandchildren.


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