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So what do men have to do with anything? Everything!


2 Million (8%) of American fathers stay home with kids while mom works.

Source: Reader's Digest, At-Home Dad Newsletter, November 2001

Our goals of attaining individual autonomy cannot be accomplished without our spiritual partners and our male counterparts.  Modeling positive behavior, inspiring and raising children, understanding and loving their spouse, lending a helping hand to the parents are just a few vital roles Sikh Men play to influence families and the community.  What makes a man a successful is not that he is a breadwinner, but also a good husband and a good father.

With the help of men who care and are willing to make a difference and with those who love us (Husbands, Sons, Brothers, Fathers...), together we can overcome obstacles such as lack of education and inadequate heath care.  We can openly discuss diseases not commonly talked about (i.e. breast cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, prostate cancer, alcoholism, smoking, drugs, mental and physical abuse, child abuse) and other very personal and important issues considered a social taboo when discussed openly.  

Statistically, women outlive men by 7 years.  Because we love the boys and men in our lives, we work in concert with them to increase awareness of issues that affect us - as families and as communities.

New male breast cancer

Cases will reach 1,500 this year. Nearly 30% will die from this disease.  (2002)

National Cancer Institute

What about Men's health?

National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, 708-831-3438.

National Osteoporosis Foundation, 800-223-9994.

The Cancer Information Service, 800-4-CANCER.

Men in the household

An indication of intelligence and it makes men lucky!

Men and Infertility

Infertility isn't just a woman's issue.  What you eat, drink and smoke affects your baby too.  studies show that male infertility accounts for nearly half of all diagnosed cases of infertility. translated in: Français | Italiano | Español | Português | Deutsch

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