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Scholarships, Awards, Loans and Grants

Government Grants

Financial Aid from the U.S. Department of Education

Schlolarship resources

Sikh Education Aid Fund

Sikh Education Aid Fund This was started in 1989 by the ASP with an initial grant of $8,000. The primary purpose of this fund is to help Sikh Students in this country by providing them with interest-free loans which will be repaid when they have graduated. Money is also raised by requesting donations from the public. To date the fund has made more than 50 grants ranging from $500 to $3,500. (Contact: GS Bhuller-- 804-530-3001)

Junior Achievement Prize

This project was started 1993 to reward those youngsters who choose to write papers for their school or College on any Sikh topic. The project is being run in conjunction with the Dalbir S Memorial Trust. The first Prize will be $500 with two prizes of 250. (Judges are non-ASP members). The results are announced in August.

Akal Academy

ASP is trying to form a link with the Akal Academy at Baru Sahib, HP, to help them with their mission of helping to educate the next generation of Sikh children.  An initial grant was made, and further talks are in progress.Contact:  Association of Sikh Professionals
PO Box 140  •  Hopewell, VA 23860  •  (804) 541-9290

Annual PCS Scholarships 

P. C. S. will award a $1000 and a $500 scholarships to qualified High School Seniors & college undergraduate & graduate Punjabi Students at "PCS Youth Graduation Night". Winners will be decided by an independent council of judges.

Graduation Awards

  • To encourage our community youth towards higher education 

    To form support groups, socialize, get to know each other for networking 

  • Honor all the performing artists of “Rangla Punjab ‘2001” for their participation, hard work, tremendous efforts and dedication to promote Punjabi culture, and performing arts  

  • Families to suggest improvements to PCS programs and also participate in it’s community building endeavors.

Contact : Punjabi Cultural Society of Chicago
P. O. Box 1244, Palatine, IL 60078 
(847) 359-5PCS or 5727, Fax: (847) 359-1107 

NAAPAE 2002 Scholarship 

The National Association for Asian and Pacific American Education (NAAPAE) invites high school seniors, and college juniors and seniors to participate in its scholarship program.

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