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This is an account of those who have risked their lives to preserve the teachings of the Gurus and ensure continuity of our way of life.   Our heroes are those who define the religious, economical, central, political, historical, scientific events in our past, present and the future.   They challenge the conventional belief systems designed to subordinate women.  They contest the present day multifaceted challenges with equivocal vigor.  Their vision, ability and achievements honor the word of our one and only creator.  They are our Dream Keepers, the ones that bring about social reform that was initiated by the Guru's (over 500 years ago).  They instill within us the spirit of social change.  They infuse our everyday lives with Gurbani rich ideas and the Sikh culture. 

Out hearts and thoughts go out to all those affected by the 9/11 tragedy.   Let us include he victims, the survivors and the rescue workers in our prayers.


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