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Press Release, 5 December 2001

Sikh Community Healthy Living Project

As well as providing a religious and cultural focus for the Sikh community, the Council of Sikh Gurdwaras in Birmingham (CSGB) has an essential function of identifying gaps in services that effect the spiritual, social and economic life of the Sikh community. The CSGB is proud to announce a new three year lottery funded project; Building upon the foundation of the Sikh Health PROMOTION Project the new SCHLP project (Sikh Community Healthy LIVING Project) has began from the start of July. With its focus on Natural Remedies and alternative therapies (Tandustri) and positive mental-being (Shanti) the project aims to rise a high profile of the Birmingham Sikh community’s needs.

Latest Work by SCHLP

The project with full support and guidance from the Council of Sikh Gurdwaras of Birmingham and its professional steering group has recently ran a health programme on Radio Nankana 106.6FM for the Sikh community of Birmingham. The radio ran daily throughout November, with the Health programme running Monday-Friday afternoon. The following professionals gave their time and effort to make our twenty-eight day radio programme a success: Dr. Jagtar Singh, Chaggar, Dr. Niti Pall, Margaret Lloyd Taylor, Yassar Mohammad, Janet Mapes, Dr. Manjinder Singh Khatra, Dr. Hardev Singh Pall, Dr. Jaswant Singh Sohal, Bharpoor Singh Sohal, Kevin Grant, Dalvir Singh Masana, Harpal Singh, Dr. Yashpal Singh Dehele, Lakhbir Kaur Rellon, Dr. Vinodh Singh, Mr. (Dr) Piara Singh Bhogal, Dr. Satpal Singh Gandham, Dr. Surinder Singh Bakhshi, Ball Johal Karamjit Ballaghan, Dr. Jagtar Singh Chaggar, Rashpal Kaur Chana, Dr. Manjit Singh Bhogal. The subjects and issues discussed were as followed: Health & Safety at work, Cancer in the Asian Community, Arthritis, Spiritual Healing, Advocacy for Mental Health, Aromatherapy & Back Flower Remedies, Cataracts & Blindness, Parkinson Disease, Advanced Dental Treatment, Osteopathy, Chiropractic & Bad Back, Mental Health Nursing, Sight lost & different eye conditions, Reflexology & Head massage, Recruitment of Asian People in Mental Health, Mental Health Awareness, Diabetes and Foot Care, CHD and Stroke, TB in Asian community, Inpatient Mental Health Services, HIV/ Drug substances, Patient Rights, Charges and Complaint Procedure, Child Health and Eczema and Homeopathic in General. During the programme people were given the opportunity to phone in and ask relevant questions to the respective professionals.

The community is anxiously waiting for the next radio programme, which will be run by CSGB from the 19th March till 15th April 2002 in conjunction with historical event “Vaisakhi” (Birth of the Khalsa). Those medical and alternative therapy professionals are interested to participate in health slots can contact Sukhmonder Singh Brar Health Co-ordinator on 0121-773-0399.

For further information visit the SCHLP website on
Report by:  Sukhmonder Singh Brar
Health Coordinator


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