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See your Primary Care Physician (PCP) for regular check-ups and help herald problems that can be identified during regular check-ups.   Importance of regular check ups, resources for kids, youth & parents need to be equally emphasized.    Contact your PCP and discuss screening and immunization schedules that you may be up for.    See the screening schedule below for cervical, Breast and colon cancers.   Preventative measures also include pediatric and adult immunizations, alcohol, smoking and other addictions avoidance.  In addition to your annual physical exam, also discuss ways to risk stratify for cardiovascular disease since it is the primary cause of death and disability for women.

This is a general compilation of several guidelines by different task forces.  Recommendations may vary from one organization to another.  Individual criteria also vary depending on risk factors, family history etc.  Discuss your frequency and risk stratification with your PCP.  View various guidelines here

Screening Tests

Indication (Age) Screening Test Frequency
18 (or when sexually active) -74 years Pap Smear (Abnormal Cervical Cells, inflammation) 1-3 years ; after 3 or more normal tests frequency may change. 
(40) 50-69 years Mammogram (Breast Cancer) Every 1 to 2 years starting at age 40, yearly after age 50
50-69 years Breast Exam (Breast Cancer) Annual
≥ 50 years Sigmoidoscopy (Colon Cancer) 3-10 years
≥ 50 years Hemoccult (Colon Cancer) Annual
35-65 years Cholesterol 5 Years
≥ 65 years or with risk factors Dexa (Bone Mineral Density) Annual

Adult Immunizations

Indication Immunization Frequency
14 years Tetanus Every 10 years
≥ 65 years Pneumonia Vaccine If chronic illness or over 65
Childbearing Age Rubella  
≥ 50 years & all health care workers. Flu  (Influenza) Every year, especially if ≥65 or at risk. CDC
Exposure or risk Hepatitis B Series of 3 shots at 0,2 and 6 months
Exposure or Travel Hepatitis A Series of 2 shots 6 months apart
Suceptable Adults Chicken Pox (VZV)  

bullet Download or View the complete adult immunization schedule and recommendations here.

The Parents Guide to Childhood Immunizations

 A 94-page booklet introducing parents to 12 childhood diseases and the vaccines that can protect children from them.
  • Print your own copy   text only or  in pdf in Spanish or English, from the national immunization program
  • Order a free booklet from the National Immunization Program. Printed bound version, available in English and Spanish from the national immunization program.

Travelers Vaccines

 There may vary by age, location etc.  Consult the CDC travel web site


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