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As a freshman in high school, I was assigned a 'Big-Sister' to help me sort through the hectic schedule, freshman anxiety and just daily matters of high significance to a just turned 14 (yupp! the teen years), yet seemingly insignificant to any other normal adult.   Wasn't it enough that my family had just moved to this new town, I couldn't go to the same high school as all my friends from Junior High... the sheer size of the school was intimidating.  My Big-Sister took me around on a grand round of the facilities and helped me adjust to my new environment. 

Naturally, as the years went by and I was finally a Senior, I had the opportunity to return the favor.  I would take upon new students to the school.  Particularly the non English speaking immigrants (ESL-English as second language).  In retrospect, I felt I could help them more as I was the one who understood what it meant to be socially uprooted, to look different, to be blessed with a really long name that not even my teachers could pronounce.  

In my college years, I met Inderpaul.  He had made the big move from Michigan to Illinois.  He is a very dedicated Big-Brother and initiated the program for the Sikh Youth of Chicago in 1995.  Once a month, the group gathers at the local Gurudwara and heads on to take our little brothers and sisters Bowling, Pizza etc.  His efforts further inspired us to continue this work on and off line.  


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