Sikhism . Gurbani Class . Pure Love Leads to God

"Jin Prem Kiyo Tin Hi Prabh Paayo"  (Pure Love Leads to God)

Guru Gobind Singh

Saint-Warrior, On occasion of the Birth Anniversary

· Guru Gobind Singh ji was the tenth Guru of Sikhs.
· He considered himself as a servant of the Almighty.
· He created "Khalsa" which means pure and noble.
· To protect Truth, he was forced to fight many battles-but only as a last resort.
· He encouraged Sikhs to offer water and first-aid even to enemy soldiers who were injured.
· Before leaving this world, he installed the 'Holy Granth' as the true & payment Guru of the Sikhs. This contains prayers recited by Sikh Gurus and 30 Indian Saints of different castes.

Guru Gobind Singh ji's message

· All persons belong to a universal brotherhood
· Never hesitate from doing good-deeds
· Even a split second of single minded devotion to God can liberate a person.

Generous contribution by Satnam Kaur and colleagues.


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