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The present age is of "FAST FOOD". All of us, especially children, want every thing "FAST".  So, we want a "Short cut to Happiness".

So, what is the MAGIC  FORMULA?

Gurbani guides us: "USTAT MANN MEIN KAR NIRANKAR " [Sukhmani Sahib]

This short but important line from Sukhmani Sahib gives us three messages:

But God cannot be seen. So, how should we praise Him?  The trick is to remember the Creator, whenever we see His Creation. For example:

When we see anything that is good, we should sincerely praise GOD, because:

GOD has made that thing good or made that person good.

GOD is the source of all good qualities.


Good things are found in the universe. For example, beautiful flowers, a beautiful sunrise, etc. Who has made them? We can try to remember that God has made these wonderful things.

Similarly, we use so many inventions, which are made wonderfully, such as:

All these man-made inventions are made only with the grace of God.

When we see good things, we should remind ourselves that God must be even more wonderful. With this sincere feeling, we should say Waheguru, Waheguru.  But what is the benefit of praising God?

Praising God, purifies our mind:

“GUUN  GAAVAT  TERI  UTRAS  MAEL”  [Sukhmani Sahib]

So, let us praise God, everywhere and everytime.

Praising God is free of cost, but It can give us ever-lasting happiness

Generous contributions of Satnam Kaur and colleagues


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