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Vand Shakna: (sharing your fortune with others) is one of the main principles of Sikhism.  This section entails the numerous ways you can help and share with communities and individuals.  Little things can make a big difference.  You can make informed donations and do your part in serving humanity.

Mata Khivi was Guru Angad Dev's wife made the concept of langar (community kitchen), a reality.  "Langar" is an open and a free kitchen at the Gurudwara serving food for all.

Guru ka Langar

By Harjinder Singh

'Langar' refers to the distribution of food - free - to the sangat. It promotes the idea of equality as the members of the sangat are required to sit cross legged on the floor alongside each other, regardless of caste, status or rank. There is no special treatment meted out to individuals of a certain class, food is not especially prepared for a particular individual or group of individuals

Whilst preparation due regard is made to purity, the sevadars (selfless workers) will normally utter the Gurbani and refrain from speaking if possible. The mouth and nose will be covered by a piece of cloth known as a parnaRead More

The Dasvand 

By Harjinder Singh

The Dasvand is a portion of a working Sikhs earnings which are set aside for charitable purposes. It originated in the period of the Gurus when projects were taken up such as the building of Gurudwaras. The Gurus asked the Sikhs to set aside a portion of their earnings for the costs of the Gurudwaras and other local causes.

Charitable purposes include medical appeals, disaster appeals, Rebuilding of Gurudwaras, Collections for the poor and needy, Collections for educational purposes (e.g., to supply free books and literature) etc. The Dasvand should not be donated to causes that may ultimately increase suffering - the Dasvand is strictly used to reduce suffering and promote peace.  Read More...

Many ways to give and share 

Charity Fraud new

Be an informed donor.  Donate to known charities.  Do not donate to charities you do not trust.
This is what you should ask before donating: 


Charity begins at home

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Charity Related Tax breaks

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