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Educated men do more household Chores

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Surprising statistics

Most women complain, their partners supported them too little with the housework. Now a new statistics shows that men with university and other higher education are still earliest bent to perform household work.

The relationship between education degrees and commitment in the household runs with women and men practically in reverse. Somewhat schematically expressed: The more highly the education degree of the women, they spend the less time with household work. On the other hand the portion of the men, who take part hardly or not at all in the household, is lowest with graduates of the primary school most highly (62 per cent), with men with university training (46 per cent).

Average values

Back to the work joy of the men in the household. It seems particularly well developed to be with nobody. Who has a university conclusion, however nevertheless spends 10.3 hours weekly with housework. Who possesses only a primary school education, is content with 7,8 hours. With the women the appropriate numbers of 17.6 and 22.7 hours read. These average numbers cover single and married together. In one-person households, which are not particularly labor-consuming usually, settle 88 per cent of the women the household work alone, with the men 83 per cent. The remaining pull outstanding persons. Unmarried women spend still 9 hours on the average on their household 14.7, men. From all women living together with their married man or partner those carry housework per week and that one out without children on the average 22.4 hour with children 35.8 hours. The appropriate portions with the men are at on the average 8.9 and 11.8 hours.

Women, who carry vocational full time work out, spend on the average 12.7 hours in the household, such with part-time job 25 hours. With men read the appropriate data 9.4 and 9.1 hours. Again is confirmed: Fastidious training and work increase the desire at the household with men rather, than that they work absorbing. The investigation occupies also another fact: Unemployed persons of men increase their weekly portion of the housework only by approximately 2 hours.

With educated men, so the moral of the history is that somewhat more flexible than the traditional distribution of roles between man and woman than with less formed. Their sense for the equalization of the sexes is more sharpened. Not saliently, but nevertheless.

The study "on the way to the equalization" appearing in July can be ordered at the Federal Office for statistics in Berne. Tel. (031) 323 60 60. Part number 084-9600. Price 27 Franconia's. translated in: Français | Italiano | Español | Português | Deutsch

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