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(Regd. Under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860)
H-306, Nehru Colony, Dehro Dun - 248001

The only society in India,dedicated to the cause of publicity and propaganda of Sikhism by publishing and distributing Gurubani’s literature in Gurumukhi-Braille, being distributed free of cost amongst the blinds, in view of the principles of Sikhism. This is also worth noting that there are 10 million blind people in India, who are deprived of education, because of insufficient Braille books, especially Gurubani books.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh National Braille Press Society, was founded in September 1981 on the occasion of 2nd Centenary Celebrations of Maharaja Ranjit Singh at Shri Govindwal Sahib, with the help of Dr. Inderjit Singh, Ex-chairman, Punjab & Sind Bank. The society intends to publish Gurubani-books in Gurumukhi - braille for the blind people and desires to distribute them regardless of caste and creed in India and abroad at a very nominal cost or provide them even free of cost, to promote literacy and education amongst the blinds. Thus, the spiritual illiteracy ‘will also vanish, among the punjabi - knowing blinds people. The books that society has published so far in Gurumukhi-Braille, has helped several students in punjab to learn three R’s and is responsible for spreading education amongst the blinds there.

The Gurubani’s books in spiritual sphere already published in Gurumukhi - Braillie have also helped the blinds,’ to become ‘Ragis’, ‘ Kirtanis ‘, ‘Pathis’ and ‘Kathakars’, to be self employed.  This society is serving to the cause of Gurumat and the blind people of India, without financial or any other assistance of the government. It is hardly possible to buy the raw-material even, with the little financial help of Sikh-sangat, being received by the society. The entire staff works here, as a volunteer and the entire works are being carried in a rented premises. It has not been possible by the society to construct some portion even, over its own land, measuring 750 sq. meters.

The society, due to paucity of funds, is passing through a very critical period now and it may fail to go ahead with the publicity work of Gurumat, in future. Famous scholar Prof. Satbeer Singhji was well acquaint with the great deeds of this society and he had assured last that he will not only help himself but ask the entire "Sangat" present, at this "International Sikh Sammelan" , to assist and help the society. But alas! that great man is no more with us to day. We appeal to the entire Sangat to fulfill the desire of late Prof. Satbeer Singhji.

Lastly, it is a matter of pride and honor, not only for society but to the entire community, that Founder and Secretary of the above society Sardar Kunwar Singh Negi has been honored by the Govt. of India with "Padmashri" and "Padmabhushan" awards and awarded SIROPAS by several Institutions for his extraordinary service to the blind, through Gurubani-Braille. He is a man from Pauri-Garhwal Being impressed by Sikh-Religion, he got himself converted to Sikhism on April 14, 1979 before Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and it was the great BAKHSHISH of Satguru Sahiban.

--Presidet MRSNBP Society Dehra Dun

Dr. Kunwar Singh Negi
Awarded in Braille Literature and Journalism for the Blind

PADMASHRI-’Born on 20th November, 1927, Shri Kunwar Singh Negi is a noted Braille Expert. He is a pioneer in Gurumukhi literature for the blind in India and abroad. He has removed spiritual illiteracy from amongst the blind Punjabi knowing people. The books that he has done in Braille has helped students in Punjab to learn the Three R’s and is responsible for the spread of education amongst the blind in Punjab, etc.

"Shri Negi has contributed useful articles about the culture of Punjab in the Braille journals like ‘Nayan Rashmi’ and ‘Shishu Alok.’ He has also edited and Brailled the text books in Bengali, Gujrati and Oriya. He is a unique example of serving the deaf, the dumb and the blind simultaneously. In the Nanhi Duniya Badhir vidyalaya. Dehra Dun, he is looking after the welfare and advancement of the deaf and dumb. He has a large number of publications to his credit."

PADMABHUSHAN——"Shri Kunwar Siugh Negi is a renowned expert in Braille literature for the blind. Shri Negi is a pioneer in Gurmukhi literature for the blind. His has been a life of total devotion to the welfare and upliftment of the blind. He started taking interest in his chosen mission of serving the blind at the early age of twenty. He has Braille-edited, Braille-transcribed and Braille-published many text books in Bengali, Oriya, Marathi. Gujrati, Panjabi, Hindi & English and distributed them amongst the blind students free of cost. He has also transcribed examination notes in Braille for blind students.

"Shri Negi has written articles, short stories and poems etc., in Braille journals ‘NAYANRASHMI’ and ‘SHISHU ALOK’ with a view to develop the education of blinds. To educate the blinds in all branches of literature and journalism, he started a new column ‘Nai-Lekhni’ on Braille journals which has added a new dimension to Indian Braille journalism. He has also established a Braille Press Society at Debra Dun in order to meet the requirement of Braille text books and other literature for the 10 million blinds in the country.

"Shri Negi is also closely associated with Bharat Netrahin Sewak Samaj, Punjab; National Federation for the Blind, Delhi; Nanhi Duniya Badhir vidyalaya, Debra Dun and many other organizations for welfare of the blind, deaf and dumb.

"Among the notable books edited in Braille by Shri Negi are ‘Sukhmani Sahib;’ ‘vani Shri Guru Teg Bahadur ji,’ ‘Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ki Mahanta,’ etc., besides several research articles.


MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH NATIONAL BRAILLE PRESS SOCIETY (Regd. Under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860) H-306, Nehru Colony, Dehro Dun - 248001


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