Equality . Social . Gurbani on Disease and Disability

Without the creator's grace and blessing, even those who have eyes and ears cannot see the truth.  We are entangled in the aesthetic web of outwardly responsibility, yet we remain ignorant to the spiritual needs of our body and our soul.   Gurbani tells us that those who are ignorant, make fun of others, and discriminate against others - they are the ones who are indeed crippled and disabled. 

anaa akhee hovee bolaa kunnee sun n sunu(n)dhaa ||
They are blind and deaf though they have eyes and ears. Bhai Gurdaas, Vaar 17, Pauree 14

mehaa kilabikh kott dhokh rogaa prubh dhrisatt thuhaaree haathae ||
The greatest sins, and millions of pains and diseases are destroyed by Your Gracious Glance, O God.  Page 530, line 1

a(n)dhh gu(n)g pi(n)gul math heenaa prubh raakhuhu raakhunehaaraa ||
I am blind, mute, crippled and totally lacking in understanding; O God, Preserver of all, please preserve me! Guru Nanak,  Page 530, line 11


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