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Submitted by: Jatinder Singh Bhatti, President of the Sikh Foundation Inc. (www.sikhfoundation.com)

In light of the recent activities that have taken place within the Sikh community, it is quite evident that the Sikh community needs more responsible and established leaders. As part of this effort, the SikhFoundation is working with the Wharton School http://www.wharton.upenn.edu to open its doors and invite women of Sikh origin to visit the school to see firsthand how an MBA from the Wharton School can help you reach your fullest leadership potential.  

As a member of the Admissions Committee at Wharton, I would like to welcome young aspiring Sikh women who are considering higher education at some point in the future to come and see what Wharton is like during Prospective Day. Most applicants to the Wharton School have completed their undergraduate degrees and have been working for 3 to 4 years. The average age of most Wharton MBAs is 28. If you fall into this category, or if you might consider an MBA in the future (from Wharton or any other school), please contact me or register below for the event. I would like to especially welcome Sikh women who are committed to enhancing the Sikh community and who are committed to keeping our culture and heritage

While this event is initially only targeting Sikh women, depending on the success of this initiative, I am looking to possibly have a separate day totally dedicated to the Sikh community in the near future (so Sikh men can attend as well). Given the groups that are sponsoring this event, I am limited to inviting Sikh women at this time.  Wharton is dedicated to creating leaders who will impact the world, and as part of this effort, Wharton would like to invite aspiring Sikh women to attend "Prospective Day."  This is a day in which under-represented minorities can have an intimate look at the application process, the classroom environment, and the inner workings of the Wharton School.  Wharton will be holding the Prospective Day for under-represented minorities on November 9th. Please go to this website to register for the event: http://index.cfm?forum="102" Events Admissions admissions.wharton.upenn.edu   With over 75,000 alumni, Wharton has the largest alumni base of any business school in the world. The Wharton School is ranked at the #1 business school in the world by both Business Week http://www.businessweek.com and the Financial Times (http://mba.ft.com/CareerAdvisor/MBARankings/ranking_body.jsp )

Graduates of the Wharton School have been or currently are the CEOs of such companies as General Electric, Hewlett Packard, First Union, McGraw-Hill, Arthur Andersen, Charles Schwab, US Airways, American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Random House, Apple Computer, Fuji-Xerox, Kraft, Quaker Oats, and countless other well-known global organizations.

Wharton has more of its graduates as top Mutual Fund Money Managers than any other business school in the world (e.g. Peter Lynch). Some of America's top real estate and home development executives have degrees from the Wharton School as well (Donald Trump, etc).

Not only has Wharton produced top-level executives in the business world, but also in the other professional endeavors. Graduates of Wharton have been Justices on the Supreme Court of the Untied States, Dean's of world-renowned schools such as London Business School, the University of Tennessee, Columbia University, Peking University, and the New York Institute of Technology. Some have aspired to become world leaders such as Ernesto P. Balladares, Former President, The Government of Panama, and Boediono, State Minister of Indonesia. Recent Wharton graduates have aspired to be the Chief of Staff at the Justice Department, the President of Netscape Communications, and named as one of the top business leaders of tomorrow by the United Nations. Others have started some of the most successful high-tech companies (half.com, bizrate.com, paymybills.com, etc.) in the past 5 years. The incoming class at Wharton is also filled with aspiring individuals who are determined to change their communities. For example, one member of the Class of 2003 was awarded "Working Mother of the Year" by Women Magazine.

While the number of Sikhs at Wharton is small, those that have graduated from Wharton have been very successful; for example, look at the recent profile of Hardeep Walia (http://www.thestandard.com/article/0,1902,23349,00.html)

Average salary pre-MBA at Wharton: $60,000, Average salary post-MBA at Wharton: $155,000

Jatinder Singh Bhatti
Wharton MBA, Class of 2002
Wharton Admission Committee Member
President, The Sikh Foundation Inc


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