Sikh Sikh baby names: Significance, meanings and pronunciations.

This symbol  indicates availability of pronunciation where applicable.  The number next to the name indicates where the name can be found in the Guru Granth Sahib.  Name is also written in Gurmukhi where applicable. 

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Erha: Aih "A" Bubba and Bhubba, B and Bh sounds Chuchha, sounds C and Ch Dudda and Dhudda, sounds D and Dh Eerhi, sound E and Eh and I Fuffa, Sound F and Fu (as in fuzzy) Urha, sound U and Ur Sussa and Shussha, Sounds 'S' and 'Sh' Hahha, Sound 'H' as in Huh Kukka and Khukkha, Sounds K and Kh Gugga and Ghugga, Sounds Gu and Gh Jujjha, sound J and Jh Tainka, Thuthha, Tutta Sounds T (Tire), Th (Thali), Te (talwar) Thuthha Also the sount Th see 3 previous letters Nunna, Sound N and Na Puppah, Sound P Phuppha, Sound PH Mumma, Sound M (as in Mmm) Yayaa, Sound Y, Ya, Yah Rarra, Sound R and Rr Lulla, Sound L and Lu Vavva, Sound V, Va



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C Chucha
Chaman Garden
Chamkaur battle field where Guru Gobind Singh fought
Chan, 37 Light, Beloved (also see Chann)
Chand, 208, 1033   Moon
Chanan Light (as in daylight or an eye opening experience or self realization)
Chanandeep The light of God's feet (also see Charandip)
Chanandip The light of God's feet (also see Charandeep)
Chananjeet Winning the service of Guru's feet (also see Charanjit)
Chananjit Winning the service of Guru's feet (also see Charanjeet)
Chandan / Chanden   Sandal Wood
Chandani Moon light
Chann Light, beloved (also see Chan)
Channan Fragrance like sandalwood
Charan feet, A humble person, as in humbled by the guru's feet
Charanjot Light of Guru's Feet
Charankawal Lotus like feet (as those of the guru)
Charanpal Protection under the Guru's Feet
Charanpreet   love for God's feet
Chathur, 37    
Chet   Awareness
Chhaya   Shadow
Chintan   Think, Meditate
Chiranjiv / Chiranjeev   Immortal
Chirjeevan / Chirjeewan   Longevity
Chitranjan   Inner joy
Chitleen   One absorbed in awareness

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