Sikh Sikh baby names: Significance, meanings and pronunciations.

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Erha: Aih "A" Bubba and Bhubba, B and Bh sounds Chuchha, sounds C and Ch Dudda and Dhudda, sounds D and Dh Eerhi, sound E and Eh and I Fuffa, Sound F and Fu (as in fuzzy) Urha, sound U and Ur Sussa and Shussha, Sounds 'S' and 'Sh' Hahha, Sound 'H' as in Huh Kukka and Khukkha, Sounds K and Kh Gugga and Ghugga, Sounds Gu and Gh Jujjha, sound J and Jh Tainka, Thuthha, Tutta Sounds T (Tire), Th (Thali), Te (talwar) Thuthha Also the sount Th see 3 previous letters Nunna, Sound N and Na Puppah, Sound P Phuppha, Sound PH Mumma, Sound M (as in Mmm) Yayaa, Sound Y, Ya, Yah Rarra, Sound R and Rr Lulla, Sound L and Lu Vavva, Sound V, Va



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Naem Religious vows, Dicipline
Naethr/Nather Eyes
Nagar, 1033 Village, establishment
Nageena Diamond, great,  Great gem
Naginder  lord of mountain
Nain, 1110Eyes
Nalin Lotus
NamName, Word (as in naam simran), remembering the Lord
Namar, 1014 Humble
Namarta Utmost Humility
Namdev A godly person absorbed in Naam
Namgeet One whose life is the song of Naam
Namjas One who sings praises of Naam
Namjeev One who lives absorbed in Naam
Namjot The light of Naam
Namleen Absorbed in the Lord's Essence
Nampreet love for God's name,  One who loves the Lord's Being
Namrita Utmost humility (see more)
Namroop One who becomes the embodiment of Naam
Nanak name of the first Sikh guru
Nanaki Guru Nanakís sisterís name
Narain A Godly person
Nardev A god-like person
Narinder  King , The king
Narveer A brave person
Navbir The new warrior
Navdeep The ever new light, the new lamp
Naveen Ever fresh
Navinder Brave Lord
Navjeet The new victory
Navjeev The ever fresh life
Navjot The new light, always bright
NavKiran New ray of sunshine (Submitted by Manu Singh)
Navleen New engrossed
Navneet One who is ever new
Navpreet New love
Navraj New order
Neena / Nina
Nihal Happy, blissful person
Nimm, 1360Name of a tree that bears bitter fruit
Nimmi, Nimmia, 636Conceived, formed, created (requested by Nimmi)
Nimrat Humble (see more)
NimrataHumble (see more)
Nina / Neena
Nir Without
Niranjan immaculate
Nirbaan, 525 Nirvana
Nirbhau Without fear, Fearless
Nirban Emancipated from the world
Nirmail, see Nirmal Without flaw
Nirmal, 208 Pure, holy, clear
Nirman Without ego, The egoless, humble
Nirvair One who is without enmity or hate
Nishaa Night
Nather/Naethr Eyes
Nith, 132Ceaseless, continuous
Nitnam Ceaselessly remembers the Lord
Noor The divine light
Nripinder lord of kings

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