Sikh Sikh baby names: Significance, meanings and pronunciations.

This symbol  indicates availability of pronunciation where applicable.  The number next to the name indicates where the name can be found in the Guru Granth Sahib.  Name is also written in Gurmukhi where applicable. 

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Erha: Aih "A" Bubba and Bhubba, B and Bh sounds Chuchha, sounds C and Ch Dudda and Dhudda, sounds D and Dh Eerhi, sound E and Eh and I Fuffa, Sound F and Fu (as in fuzzy) Urha, sound U and Ur Sussa and Shussha, Sounds 'S' and 'Sh' Hahha, Sound 'H' as in Huh Kukka and Khukkha, Sounds K and Kh Gugga and Ghugga, Sounds Gu and Gh Jujjha, sound J and Jh Tainka, Thuthha, Tutta Sounds T (Tire), Th (Thali), Te (talwar) Thuthha Also the sount Th see 3 previous letters Nunna, Sound N and Na Puppah, Sound P Phuppha, Sound PH Mumma, Sound M (as in Mmm) Yayaa, Sound Y, Ya, Yah Rarra, Sound R and Rr Lulla, Sound L and Lu Vavva, Sound V, Va



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D and Dh and and Dudda and Dhudda
Dal   Team/Force/Soldier
Dalbir     The brave team/force/soldier, hero
Daler   Brave
Dalip   King
Dalipinder     Lord of the Kings
Daljeet   The win over (conquer) the forces
Daljodh     Team Fighter
Dalmeet     Team Friend
Daan / Dan   To give to charity
Dan / Daan   To give to charity
Darbar     Royal Court
Darpreet     Love for God's door
Darshan     Vision 
Darshanbir     Vision of glorified bravery
Darvesh     Humble, religious, gentleman
Das   Humble slave or servant
Datar   The one that provides and looks after us
Daya   Kindness
Dayabir     Brave in kindness
Dayal     Kind
Deen, 912

Meek, humble
Deedar     Sight or view (also see Didar)
Deenpal     The protector of the helpless
Deep, 525, 2   1.  light or lamp
2.  Source that illumines the mind or the spirit, celestial radiance
3.  The land and the world
Deepak, 1033 Lamp
Deepinder God's light
Deepti     Luster
Dev   God
Deva (male)     Diety
Devasheesh     God's blessing or grace
Devi (female)     Diety
Devindar     The king of kings, God of Gods
Devinder     Alt Spelling of above
Devinderpal     Nurtured by God
Devjeet     Triumphant God
Devpreet     love for God
Dhan, 734     Wealth
Dhann, Dhhan, 649     The fortunately blessed one
Dharam   Of faith, Righteous, Religious, virtues
Dharamdeep     Light of faith
Dharamdev     God of faith
Dharamjot     Light of righteousness and virtues
Dharamleen     One absorbed in faith
Dharampal     The nurturer of faith
Dharampreet   Love for one's faith
Dharamsheel     holy, religious, pious
Dharamveer     Bravely upholding faith
Dharat, 1033     Earth
Dhiaan / Dhian     Contemplation, Absorbed in contemplation
Dhianjot     Enlightened by meditation
Dhiraj     Patience
Didar     Sign or view
Dil   Heart, Within
Dilawar     Brave
Dilbaagh     Blossoming heart, within
Diler     Brave (also see Daler)
Dilip     King
Din/Dhin     Day
Dilpreet   Of one's liking, pleasing to the heart
Disai, 1     Seem
Disha   Direction
Dit     Given
Divjot   Divine light
Divya     Light
Diwan     Congregation
Dhoop, 525     Incense
Door, 1     Far, away

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