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Erha: Aih "A" Bubba and Bhubba, B and Bh sounds Chuchha, sounds C and Ch Dudda and Dhudda, sounds D and Dh Eerhi, sound E and Eh and I Fuffa, Sound F and Fu (as in fuzzy) Urha, sound U and Ur Sussa and Shussha, Sounds 'S' and 'Sh' Hahha, Sound 'H' as in Huh Kukka and Khukkha, Sounds K and Kh Gugga and Ghugga, Sounds Gu and Gh Jujjha, sound J and Jh Tainka, Thuthha, Tutta Sounds T (Tire), Th (Thali), Te (talwar) Thuthha Also the sount Th see 3 previous letters Nunna, Sound N and Na Puppah, Sound P Phuppha, Sound PH Mumma, Sound M (as in Mmm) Yayaa, Sound Y, Ya, Yah Rarra, Sound R and Rr Lulla, Sound L and Lu Vavva, Sound V, Va



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Gagan     Sky
Gagandeep     Light of the sky
Gaganjot     Light of the sky
Garib     Poor
Garima     Dignity
Gatleen     Merged in freedom
Gatnam     Liberated through Naam
Gatsharan     Liberated by taking shelter of Guru
Gaurav     Pride
Gauravdeep     Light of glory
Geet     (God's) song
Ghar, 1033     Home
Gharcheen     One who realizes the Home within
Gharchet     One who meditates on the Real Home within
Giaan     Spiritual Wisdom
Giaandeep     Lamp of divine knowledge
Giaanleen     One absorbed in divine light
Giaanpreet     One who loves the divine knowledge
Giaanroop     Embodiment of divine light
Giaanveer     Brave and divine in knowledge
Gian/ Giann     wisdom, knowledge
Gulab     Rose
Gulwant     Beautiful Flower
Gulzar     Garden
Gun, 1     (God's) qualities, virtues
Gunbir     Virtuous and brave
Gundeep     Lamp of excellences
Guneet     Virtuous, glorious
Gunjun     To humm
Gunkar     One full of excellences
Gunkerat / Gunkeerat / Gunkirit    
Gunpreet     One who loves virtues
Guntas     Guru's Peace
Gunwant     One with virtues
Guraman     Peace through the Guru
Guramar     Immortal by the grace of the Guru
Gurbachan     One who abides by the the Guru's word
Gurbaksh     Blessed by the Guru
Gurbhagat    devotee of the guru
Gurbir     Guru's Brave
Gurcharan     One who takes shelter in Guru's feet
Gurchet     One who remains aware of Guru's Word
Gurdas     Guru's devotee
Gurdaya     One blessed with the Guru's Grace
Gurdeep     Enlightened by the Guru
Gurdev     lord
Gurdit     Given by the guru
Gurditta     One born with Guru's blessing
Gurgian     Knowledge of Guru's word
Gurinder    lord; guru
Guriqbal     glory of the guru
Gurjas     guru's praise or glory
Gurjeet     victory of the guru
Gurjeevan     One who lives a life as ordained by Guru
Gurjinder    Triumph of the guru
Gurjit     triumph of the guru
Gurkamal     Lotus of the Guru (submitted by Aman Singh)
Gurkeerat     One who sings praises of the Guru
Gurkiran     The ray of Guru's light
Gurkirat / Gurkeerat     One who sings praises of the Guru
Gurleen     Engrossed in the Guru
Gurman     One who meditates on Guru's Word
Gurmeet     Friend of the Guru
Gurmukh     One who follows the word of the guru
Gurnam     One who meditates on the Guru
Gurneet     moral given by the guru
Gurnek     A noble servant of God
Gurnoor     Guru's divine light (Submitted by Pritam Gill)
Gurpal     Protected by the Guru
Gurpreet, 608   Guru's love
Gurshant     Attaining peace through the Word of the Guru
Gursharan     in guru's refuge
Gursiman     remembering the guru
Gursimrah     remembering the guru
Gursukh     One who is blissful through Guru
Gurtaran     One who is saved through the Guru
Gurtej     grandeur of the guru
Gurveer / Gurvir     Warrior of the Guru
Gurvinder     lord; guru
Gyan     Knowledge

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