Sikh Sikh baby names: Significance, meanings and pronunciations.

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Erha: Aih "A" Bubba and Bhubba, B and Bh sounds Chuchha, sounds C and Ch Dudda and Dhudda, sounds D and Dh Eerhi, sound E and Eh and I Fuffa, Sound F and Fu (as in fuzzy) Urha, sound U and Ur Sussa and Shussha, Sounds 'S' and 'Sh' Hahha, Sound 'H' as in Huh Kukka and Khukkha, Sounds K and Kh Gugga and Ghugga, Sounds Gu and Gh Jujjha, sound J and Jh Tainka, Thuthha, Tutta Sounds T (Tire), Th (Thali), Te (talwar) Thuthha Also the sount Th see 3 previous letters Nunna, Sound N and Na Puppah, Sound P Phuppha, Sound PH Mumma, Sound M (as in Mmm) Yayaa, Sound Y, Ya, Yah Rarra, Sound R and Rr Lulla, Sound L and Lu Vavva, Sound V, Va



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HakamRuler, authority
Hans, 1381Swan
Hanspal Protector of great soul
Harbans God's Family (Submitted by Sophia Gill)
Harbhajan A devotee absorbed in the hymns
Harbin courageous like God
Harbinder absorbed in God
Harbir Warrior of God
Harchanan God's Light
Harcharan One sheltered by God (god's feet)
Hardas Slave of God
Hardeep Lamp of God, light of God
Hardev Godly person, the highest God
HardhianThe one absorbed in the Lord
Hardial One on whom there is God's Grace
Hardit Given by God
Hargun One having Godly merits
Hari The one belonging to God
Harikiran Rays of God
Harinder God
Harisaroop with an appearance like God
Harjap, 669 Chant or meditate upon God
Harjas, 669 sing God's praises
Harjeet triumph of God
Harjeevan One who lives a God-oriented life
Harjinder life which has been granted by God
Harjit Victorious through God's Grace
Harjodh courageous like God
Harjot God's Light, the light of God
Harkanwal God's feet (submitted by Bert Klassens)
Harkeerat One who sings God's praises
Harkiran Rays of God's light , The ray of God's Light
Harkirat praise of God
Harleen One absorbed in the Lord's Love
Harleen One absorbed in the Lord's Love, absorbed in God
Harmandar House of God
Harmeet God's devotee, beloved friend
Harnam Love of God's Naam
Harnek God's noble person
Harpal One protected by God
Harpreet, 720 God's Love
Harpuneet clean; pure like God
Harsajjan God's friend and beloved
Harsharan One who takes shelter in the Lord
Harsimran remembering God
Harsukh Peaceful through dwelling on God
Hartej radiance of God
Heera An exalted person, diamond-like
Hema Gold
Himmat Courage, making an effort, The one who strives, makes effort
Hirdai, 912  Heart
Hitender compassionate God
Hukam, 1  (Gods) Command, authority, direction
Hukmi, Hukmee, 1, 2  commander, the one with authority (God)

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